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Module 7 Reflections

I am happy to be be finally done with all the modules in this course.   Even though there was a lot of complaining and whining with all the tasks I did along the way.  In module 7 I liked doing the part where I had to  self – evaluate myself and learning about all the online tools provided in modules 7.  Learning these tools will currently help in the future.

Module 6 Reflections

In this module I felt the tasks were easy and fun to do.   I enjoyed creating the voki and creating the rubric on Rubi Star.  The only thing that took me a long time to do was the reading response assignment and posting my thoughts on Twitter.   I am happy that this is my last final module, I am thankful that I got to learn new things that will help me in the future.

Reflection for Module 5

When doing the tasks in this module it challenged me to work on my own because I got used to working in a group and getting feedback from my peers.  Some of the problems I had was making the lesson plan and discussion we had to join in Twitter.  Even though there were samples on the lesson plans; I missed the group input and also asking someone, if I was doing my lesson plan right.  On the Twitter discussion I did not know what to do, but I am happy I had that experience because I got to read a lot of information on evaluation.

Now that you have had an opportunity to explore issues, ideas and thinking around BYOD, what is your opinion and or experiences regarding students bringing their own devices to school?

Working at the school back home the only devices the students brought to school were their cellphones. I saw the advantages and disadvantages of students bringing their cell phones to school.  Some of the advantages I saw is when the student had a problem with defining words or researching something on the device could be helpful, but when its came to students that were texting and Facebooking it became a problem in the classroom.

Module Four thoughts 

Sometimes I feel like I cannot complete these modules we keep getting in this course.   It is a never ending process of anger, but it is part of learning new things.  When I started the tasks and readings on module four, I was surprised that I learned a lot about digital citizenship and wasn’t aware that we have to be responsible when using technology and posting things up.    The moment I completed each task with the help of others I felt so relieved and thought “Why! Do I complain too much?”  I am happy that I got to learn new things in this module.   Can’t wait for module five now!  My motto is “what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger”.

Module three thoughts rabbit pic This is what I did while I was doing this module. It was sure fun because I had to re-teach myself things that I did only once like the Google doc and Google hangout. Being pregnant doesn’t help because when things didn’t go my way I was a time bomb waiting to explode; luckily my classmates came to the rescue. I am happy that I got module three done After getting the module two assignments I thought I couldn’t do this work, but after the nerves settle down I managed to get the first half done. I liked the part we had to do the survey and the three blogs we had to give feed backs to. When I got to do the part where it said we had to create a tutorial I freak out again. I decided to take a break from the assignment for a couple of days and relax. I am happy that the other classmates help us with this assignment, especially Lolrey thanks to her I was able to set up this tutorial. It was sure fun and stressing making this blog because all things we had to learn but hope I can make this experience a good one.



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